Our WIFI Wizard can make the Internet even more AWESOME!

If you’ve updated your Internet speed, but not your wireless router, you’re missing out on a whole new level of awesome.

The Internet is definitely an amazing technology, putting connectivity, entertainment, education, commerce and information right at your fingertips. It’s quickly become one of those “can’t live without” services in most homes and businesses. And, some of us have even begun to take it for granted. Stop and think for a moment about life before the Internet. Awesome as it is, it CAN BE EVEN BETTER!

Couple our high-speed broadband Internet service with our WIFI Wizard managed WIFI service and you’ll see what we mean. The WIFI Wizard replaces your wireless router and maximizes the efficiency and speed of your Internet connection.


WIFI Wizard enables you to-

  • Designate and prioritize which devices get the bulk of your Internet Bandwidth and when they get
  • Program parental (or employee) controls to guide usage times and applications
  • Maximize the usefulness of all devices through enhancing your network
  • Receive local technical support of your network

For just 11.95 per month (that’s less than $150.00 per year), our WIFI Wizard can take your Internet experience to a whole new level.

Order yours today!  806-349-1000

WIFI Wizard Managed WIFI